Marble Stories

Since Ollie loved marbles
and so many people have shared marble stories with me,
I wanted a place to record them, so I thought this would be a great place.

In no particular order, here are the precious memories of marbles from Ollie
**I still have more to share.
Cody was working in Haiti fixing wells to provide clean drinking water and he was in a sketchy area. He had been thinking of Ollie and wished he could be there with him to experience what he was doing. He was digging inside a well and flung out some dirt, he new immediately that it was a marble. So he went to look for it. This is what he found. A blue marble. The guy he was working with had been doing this for 8 years and had never seen a marble. Cody found 3 more that day!

Chris and I were in Hawaii last year and we had just heard that Cody had just found a marble all the way in Haiti. Chris and I were both thinking it would be cool if we found one all the way across the ocean in Hawaii. Chris went free diving and spotted a small marble floating on the bottom. He was so excited and came back to show me what he found. A marble, the color of the ocean. Chris has been free diving hundreds of times and never found a marble. Pretty special and totally form Ollie.

My friend Rachel-owner of Trendy Ties, had been thinking a lot about Ollie becasue she was making all the "Ollie" Ties. She had sent her son to his room because he was acting up and she went and did some laundry. Of course she thought of Ollie, then she went to get her son, he handed her this. She said she had no idea how it got there....

My dad found a marble while working. The guy working for him was digging just ahead of my dad and never saw it, then my dad walked over to do something in that area and it was laying right there, meant just for my dad to find. He was thinking of Ollie and Poppy at that moment.

Cody found another one while on a trip in India just yesterday.

 Ollie is so aware and still wants to be part of our family. Crazy how we get reminders all over the world where ever we are.