Friday, October 5, 2012

Small things

The small things I miss:

*Ollie would push his red chair up to the kitchen utensil drawer and grab the can opener. He would then get a can of beans and run to the couch, sit down and try to open the can. So smart

*Ollie loved to play his daddy's special musical instruments (Chris had saved these since he was little). Ollie had just learned to play the harmonica and boy was it cute to hear and see him running around the house and dancing. It made him so excited. I miss the noise. Its so quiet around here. I would give anything to hear babbling or the drums being played ever so loudly, or just some toddler "noise".

 *Ollie loved looking out the window through the rain of course at our neighbors. He watched them all day, anytime their loud  trucks without a muffler came by he ran to the window. He would also run to see the garbage man and point at the truck. The mailman even knew Ollie would be watching out the window and they both gave each other a wave every single day. Our mailman who has become my great friend even came to Ollie's auction to show his love! We never know who we are influencing.

*Ollie loved everything about the toilet. He loved flushing it and especially loved watching his daddy go potty and Ollie would try to hit the stream with his hand. silly boy. He also loved to wash his hands, dry them and close the bathroom door. He was so clean and efficient. He was potty trained and had only a few accidents. Love my big baby boy! I miss washing his poop out of his underwear and folding those tiny spider man undies. I see them in his drawer all folded and not used in sad. I smell them often and hug them. Its weird but it helps.