Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rainy day. Hot fire.

Love the Oregon rain, most of the time.(not too much since I have been missing Ollie, I get depressed but I am thankful for a warm fire) So thankful I have a stove to heat my house when it get chilly. I am the family kindling chopper and fire starter.(Chris does it when he has time, which is almost never) It is so relaxing to sit next to the fire, feel its warmth and smell the fresh pine cones and wood. oh and by the way, the fire is the only way we heat our it gets pretty chilly if Im too lazy to start the fire.
Nice, Cozy fire!
Our big backyard-we got this house for Ollie, so he could run around in the backyard..sad
Wood donated by our kind friends! so thankful
Fire starters...made by my best mom. Wax, drier lint and pine cones. So amazing. If you want the exact recipe let me know. They could be used for emergency preparedness.