Saturday, December 15, 2012

Broken-hearted Mothers

I ((pray)) for those mothers who lost a child yesterday, that their heart may not sting as they try to sleep the first nights alone. A piece of their heart is missing.

The first night without Ollie was horrible, horrible isn't even an intense enough word. Something was missing from our home. My heart, my son, my everything.

It felt empty. barren. cold. lonely.

What a terribly long and sad night. I didn't sleep. Either did these mothers and they will not for many more nights. They will wake up in a panic, and the first thing they will think is, "where is my child"?

Its unimaginable and unreal. Unfair.

I ((pray)) these mothers (and I say mothers, I dont know how the fathers feel, but I think its very similar) may find peace in God and His master plan, that Jesus Christ may lighten their burden and heal their broken, almost completely crushed, heart.

I ((pray)) the heavy and shallow breathing will lessen and for their bodies to not crash into hopelessness and depression. That they may rise above and one day be STRONG.

May God comfort their lives and carry them through this dark(but peaceful at times)valley of grief.

My heart just aches for the pain and anxiety these mothers were feeling as they drove to the school not knowing if their child was a victim, then to find out their child died. Shock. Anxiety. Forsaken. .....such horrific news to receive, the pain is crippling.  (((I PRAY))) for them. Their lives are forever changed, as is mine.

*****All children who die before they arrive at the years of accountability are saved in the celestial kingdom of heaven” (D&C 137:7–8, 10) *****

*A ((Prayer)) for this troubled shooter and his family. I'm mad at him. But feel sympathy for his hurting, lonely and confused heart.

 *Ollie met many new friends yesterday! I know he welcomed them into heaven.