Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eternal Life

Such a beautiful video. Please watch it. Feel its
truth and love.

I am more than thankful Jesus Christ paid for all my pain and hurt, so that I may give it to him and my burden may be a little lighter. I am so thankful we will all have eternal life and be together again. I know when I die I am going to that place called heaven. I believe Ollie went straight to work next to Heavenly Father and I hope to be good enough to be in their presence one day. I cant wait for the morning of the first resurrection when I see my sweet Ollie running to his family. What a wonderful reunion that will be. Until then, I pray for endurance, faith, hope, patience, love, and strength to make it through this life and onto the next act.
****I just noticed, Ollie and Jesus Christ were laid to rest the same day....We have said that Ollie has been the savior of our family in so many ways.