Wednesday, April 24, 2013

*Update on the bill*

This morning I got a call from Senator Gallegos office. 
They now have an actual bill called hb3500. 

I need your help again to write an email to the  
Chair Representative Chris Garrett.

The bill has to be voted on by several different sessions.....I dont understand the exact process of getting a bill passed, but I do know the next person to write to.

Please write a quick email to 
Chris Garrett

 Click here to read more about the bill.


Example Email:

Dear Chris Garrett,

I am a supporter of the hb3500 bill and would appreciate if you had a public hearing and work session to further the bill.

Thank you,
your name here 

****You can write more if you feel up to it.

Please help me save another child's life.Thank you.