Monday, November 4, 2013

25.2 weeks strong

OHSU Hospital Life

Monday November 4, 2013

*25.2 weeks in gestation
*chance of survival-if born today: 50-70%
 *baby weighing in at 570(g) on 10/25/13
*still very low amniotic fluid levels-my body constantly makes it and passes it through the umbilical cord and the baby then pees it out.

I am still pregnant and baby is still growing and holding on.
I guess that means prayers have been answered and a miracle happened. We made it past 24 weeks and moving strongly into 25. 
Everyday is so crucial.
Every day I can stay pregnant is 2 days less the baby has to stay in the NICU. 

I get a rude awakening quite often here at OHSU, like this morning when the nurse came in and turned the light on-mind you I was sound asleep in the dark, 
and she says, "I am here to draw your blood". 
Oh yay.
 She picks up my arm, gives me a tight tourniquet and stabs my arm quickly. She was actually amazingly precise and quick, thank goodness. It doesn't really even hurt, its just the idea of waking up from a deep sleep, getting stabbed in the arm and your blood running out of you. 

So, I do have to say the food here has been really good-for hospital food, I just hadn't figured out the other options/tricks until last week. I talked with the dietician and she gave me a meal card for the natural food store, my dream come true. I can still eat healthy-which I think is one of the most important things while growing a baby.  I can order any of the natural food products at any time and and have an endless supply.
How amazing is this?
and I can order anything from salmon to stinky corn dogs from the main menu all day long.
Pretty much, I just sit here and look forward to my snacks and meals. Oh, and of course Poppy, Chris and mom visits.

A much better picture of the food after I figured out what and how to order. Salmon, chard, quinoa, and spaghetti squash.

I still haven't really had time to be bored. With emails, texts, monitoring and eating, I stay pretty busy. I really dont want many visitors right now only because I sit here all day with no bra on, my tummy half hanging out, and running to the bathroom every minute.

Also it is a very emotional time and it takes a lot out of me to talk and try to listen to others. My emotions are on level 4500. I am very selfish right now...sorry. Just trying to focus all my time and energy into growing this baby to be healthy and strong.

Speaking of STRONG.
Baby Hebb is a strong one, so the doctors say.
Everytime they do the fetal monitoring-2 times a day for at least 30 minutes, they say how surprised they are that the baby is able to fluctuate its heartrate that well already. They say it is a very mature baby. and looks very healthy and older than 25 weeks!!! 
Yay again!
Another blessing.

Coconut chocolate bar. Yum. I haven't been eating sugar due to all the antibiotics-they killed all good bacteria too, so I have yeast all in my mouth and probably through out my body.

Until more day stronger!!!
Ever heard that song by Diamond Rio-my sisters father in law is in the band?
listen to it here

It was on Ollies life celebration video.
 Now we pass on that wish to this baby too, please, we need one more day.

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