Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby Boy is here!!!

 Labor and Delivery 
28 weeks gestation
November 24, 2013

A quick update:
Baby boy Hebb has arrived. 
I had contractions the entire day and night before and was still bleeding, so the doctors started me on magnesium. The contractions lessened and I was taken off the mag. Then the next day the contractions started around 5pm. They were painful, but nothing too serious, until I had about 4 contractions that were so severe I started crying and weeping with agony. I could tell his bum was sitting on my cervix and with each contractions the little guys heart rate dropped to 50...
I was really worried. 
All the doctors ran in and I started telling them the baby was coming out. The pressure was intense and I was trying to hold him in until they were ready.
They rushed me to the OR and were preparing for a c-section. I had planned for this event many times in my head-I played it out with many doctors and now that it was actually unfolding, I was not scared. 
I trusted the docs. and I trusted God. 
The doctors brought in the anesthesiologist and everyone was prepared, they quickly checked me again and the babies bum was coming out. 
They said to push, I was confused and said, "where" because I was planning on the dreaded c-section. 
I then realized I was just going to push him out.
I gave one push and they said, "Harder" then I gave it my all and he popped right out. They then yelled, "it's a BOY". 
And wisked his tiny body off to the place they had warned me about. The place of resuscitation and assessment, where they also give and an apgar score.
Tears of happiness and sorrow began to roll down my face and I began to cry. 
All I could think about was Ollie.
I missed Ollie
I missed my sweet precious boy, the one I knew and already loved.

I then delivered  my placenta and all the doctors were interested to see where the abruption had taken place, and we all looked carefully.
I told them I was keeping my placenta to dehydrate and make into capsules-yea you might think this is weird, but it is so smart and so nutritional for baby and I-every animal does this.

I was then wheeled back to my room. 
Chris and my parents quickly arrived and we all went to meet this little guy. 

Baby Hebb
Born: @ 7:25pm
Weight: 1005 grams -I think 2.5lbs 
Apgar: 1 minute-6 
           5 minutes-9
*He was on a about 25% oxygen for about an hour and then quickly down to room air. 
*He is now only on room air and a cpap.
*The doctors are amazed at how well he is doing and that he is also a male-females fight harder and are more mature.
 *I have already pumped 8 times and have given him about 6 drops of colostrum, that's huge for him, It instantly settles him down.
*He has giant feet and hands like his daddy!!!
We haven't really got a great look at his tiny face yet.

The neonatal doctors were short staffed and said they couldn't have had a better baby for this type of  situation.
Several different nurses have all expressed how feisty and tough he is. 
He will keep fighting.
 I just know it.
His brother angel Ollie is guarding him with all his power and I also think he has given his fighting ability to this baby, and maybe even his strong heart!!!

**We have been warned several times that the NICU is a roller coaster ride. 
Well, that's nothing new to us. We are professional riders!
So, Chris and our families continue on this ride, and we are holding on tight. We still need lots of prayers, as does this little champion. It has already been a miracle that he is doing so well with his lung development. We wont know much more until after 72 hours-they try not to disturb the baby too much during this time to prevent brain bleeds.
I am so nervous and anxious about the outcome.
I am living in the moment.
Today the baby is well and pushing forward.
I trust God and his help.

***Thank you for the love and prayers*** 
and thank you mom and dad for all your help