Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Barker Beauty

I get a little sick and weighed down only talking about my sweet and precious son who passed on from this life-its so dark at lonely at times and all consuming. 

That being said and on a lighter note, I want everyone to meet my new sister, 

//Jessie Barker//
I sure love my new little sis

  Couldn't ask for a better sister in law, really she is so perfect for my wild brother,
//Cody Barker-aka Chief// 
and fits into our tight knit family, oh so well.
Btw she is a total fashionista and super cute too!
Obviously in the clothing department she is total opposite of myself...I am just a big, dorky, depressed dresser these days. haha

Check out what my brother and sis do with with a bit of their time, they are both entrepreneurs.