Monday, June 9, 2014

H2o Run

Since Ollie passed away jut 2 years ago, I have been consumed with grief-that terrible roller coaster I never wanted to jump onto. The times I am the happiest and feel like Ollie is the happiest, are when I am serving and thinking of others. So, I have been focusing on a race in his name and honoring all other drowning victims. Last year it was a success and it helped me focus my negativity towards something positive. It is soooo much work to plan a race, but totally worth it. We had AMAZING prizes donated by some really great brands.

This year I decided to look up all people who have drowned in Utah within the last 5 years, I have contacted several of those families to see if they want to be a part of my H2o Run. Many of them have willingly agreed to help out and honor their loved one. I am so excited to meet all these families who share similar stories of pain. I think it will be healing for all of us to come together and do something positive.

If you know anyone who has drowned recently and think they would want to help honor their loved one, Please let me know.

I hope if you are in the Utah area, you will join us at our run. All ages and abilities are welcome. It is a water based event-water weenies provided in all race bags. 

We are saving lives by bringing awareness to water and the dangers. The proceeds go to giving life through repairing a clean water well. Embracing water!!!

Get those dusty running shoes out and start training!!!

H2o Run
August 23, 2014
150 South 500 East
Lindon, Utah

You can read details about the run and pre-register here

Miss you my sweet love