Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Washer

That damn thing.....my goodness.
I hate talking about it.
I hate seeing it.
I hate that it took Ollie's precious life.
I just hate it.
All of it.
It hurts my heart to use it.
It really hurts.
Why won't it just leave me?
Why can't I stop putting so much attention on an object that took my sons life?



Of course when we moved here to Carson, guess what was THE ONLY thing to get broken in the move?

The washer.

We hooked it up and ran a cycle, and sure enough water came squirting out of the back and flooded the entire laundry room.

What is it trying to tell me?
That I need to wash my clothes down by the river???
I know and want this already.
I have always wanted to live a primitive life.

I have been submitting claim, email and phone call, one after another----alll to talk about my stupid washing machine that is not even 3 years old....my awesome ward in Oregon, so thoughtfully bought us a brand new one the day Ollie passed away.

How pathetic.

I'm over it already. 

Stop getting in my face, you ugly machine, I already spend way too much time with you than I ever wanted.


Anyone else have demons that jump up in your face and won't leave them alone?

Check out some art work, it is beautiful in every way. It speaks to my momma heart!!