Thursday, June 16, 2016

Empathy and Sympathy

I truly believe when you go through horrible things in life, you are better equipped to help someone along your way when they are in need. If you had not gone through such horrible things, then you would not be able to have as much empathy or sympathy. By your refining you are made even STRONGER!

Mourn with those that stand in need, and that's all of us. We all could use some more love, kindness and compassion. We all want to be accepted, validated and loved. Right?? I know I do.

The world has been quickly changing, at least in my neck of the woods. I know horrific things have happened all over the world, through out all of time, but lately, it really is getting pretty nasty. People are no respecters of persons, they lie, they cheat, they still and they kill. And sometimes for no good reason. This is not to say there is not good in the world, there is so much good and I see it daily!!

As a society, we are very unhealthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are way out of balance with God, with ourselves, with our children work and play. We don't know what is right or wrong anymore. We think bad is good and good is bad. We have lost our connection to one another and to our loving Heavenly Father.  We have lost our compassion, our understanding and our hearts have turned cold.

I have seen so much hate pushed towards this woman whose child fell into the gorilla pit, my goodness where is the love?  Probably more than any other time in this woman's life, she needs love and compassion. I know at a time like this, you are heartbroken, devastated and almost dead.....I honestly can't believe people are sooooo quick to judge after they hear a headlining news article without physically knowing the full story or the person. In my situation, they did a full investigation while my son was getting CPR performed on him. In his last moments on earth I was getting interrogated for possibly killing my child. I understand the reasoning, because evil parents do kill their precious children.  I know when we die, we will be judged accordingly and based upon how we judged others. So lets pick someone up when they are almost dead themselves instead of push them further into the ground, sucking the life out of them even more......

Lets all come together and pray for your enemies, pray for the world, humanity and for yourselves.  We all truly NEED God in heaven to throw down his wrath and help save us all. He is the master engineer of all things and in the end we will all know Him and his son Jesus Christ.

I feel my duty is to spread goodness, kindness, hope, love and compassion to others. I will continue to do this until my work is finished here upon the earth.

Thank you Ollie boy for showing me how big my heart can grow and how much we need to do in this life. Many are called, but few will listen.

Rise up and take a stand, you can and will make a difference in this world. 

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.