Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oregon Living!

We are settled into Oregon living now and try to get out in the sun every chance we get. We have the NICEST neighbors out of anywhere we have lived.. I love Oregonians! We do miss the Hawaii sun and the Utah Skiing but are thankful to have a job!

Feeling good at almost 7 months...yipee! Say hello to Chris in the mirror

Ollie is now wearing underwear full time...He loves going potty and is so good at it. Of course he has a few accidents still but he is doing great considering he is only 19 months!

Ollie loves the dog cage!!!

Ollie loves to bite the cheese when Im not looking and leave mouse marks...I love watching him

Of course he loves outside and cant get enough...I went outback and saw him sitting like this! Cute

Picture perfect. They are both waiting for their daddy to come home!