Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Months/Washing machine awareness

Yesterday was 5 months since my little Ollie left my side...I didnt even notice it until just now. what a horrible day that was. horrible doesnt even describe it well enough. Those 30 heart wrenching hours watching Ollie suffer were so painful and I am glad they are behind me now. 

I have wanted to make other parents aware of how Ollie passed away so I am going to share something awful and sensitive to me in hoping another life may be saved.

My sweet Ollie and I were doing laundry like we always did, we were finished putting clothes in so we went out of the room and he followed. I must have dropped something (I later asked the detective what was in the laundry he said one sock, one rag and sheets) so he must have gone back to put a sock or rag in. He was such a great helper and so smart for his age. He loved following me around the house helping me clean. I went around the corner to look at what month I was on for my pregnancy. I didnt hear anything for just about 1 minute...I always hear something, at least humming, clanking or just noise...I heard nothing and I yelled his name. No answer.Panic set in. I ran frantically to the back door thinking OLLIE went outside. no sign of him. My instincts told me to check the washer...I knew nothing would be in there. Wow. the pain. sadness. shock. heart break. HORROR. Dis-beLieF. My heart sank to the floor, was torn apart and crushed all within seconds. And Im still alive. How is this possible??? I found my most precious baby boy lifeless and stuck in the washing machine...sorry I know its heavy. Take a deep breath. I am breathing very hard and heavy right now too. I am sharing this to save a life. I know it has already saved several lives. I am not going to go into anymore details of that moment but I will say it was the WORST moment thus far in my 29 years. I never ever thought Ollie or any infant would fall or could fall into a washing machine, I had never heard of something like this happening. What a tragic, horrible  accident. and so weird. My old washing machine was a top loader. I now have a front loader (which doesnt clean the clothes very well but thats besides the point) which my super nice friends and LDS church members bought and installed before we got home. i am trying to work with the manufacturers to put a big red warning sticker and show a picture of a child falling in on all washing machines. My washer didnt have a lock and the adjutator still ran when the lid was open. Please please please be aware of this danger in your home. I hope someone reads this and it saves at least one life hopefully more. Life is so so precious and not to be taken for granted. Spread the word about the dangers of a washing machine...

So speaking of Water, my little brother Cody Barker is the co-founder of People so proud of him. they save lives by giving clean drinking water...I find this quite interesting and no coincidence that my brother is saving lives by water. Water kills more people than war it self. My son died because of water and so do many others everyday because of the lack of clean water. Please support them and their efforts in providing water to those in need. drop for drop.