Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random people

I can't even tell you how many times through out my days (when I do get out) random people ask if poppy is my first. Weird. So many people. Almost every person I talk to. I never once had that question asked with Ollie. Maybe they need to hear Ollie's story, or it's a small way of healing for me or them. Whatever the reason it has always turned out good to share about the tragic way Ollie drowned.
I was running today with poppy in the stroller which I have started to do again, it helps clear my head and I went to a few garage sales. The first one was 21 blocks away I didn't know this when I started but I just kept following the arrows. I almost turned around then I felt like I should just not be a wimp and keep running. I got there and bought some winter clothes for poppy. It just so happens the lady had been babysitting 30 years ago and the infant died then years later her 13 year old son put a belt around his neck and killed himself. So of course we talked about death. This poor lady had never dealt with these deaths and carried the heaviness until a year ago. I don't want to carry this heaviness around so I have given it to Jesus Christ. He has helped take my load. We need to be inspired and inspire someone every day of our lives. What is the point of life if we only think of ourselves? I have truly learned through losing Ollie life is about LOVE and SERVICE. I appreciate all that has been shown to our family at this time. I'm going to make sure I pay it forward. And I already have been!! Xoxo