Friday, August 24, 2012

No new pictures

I'm sad today and every day because I will never have any new pictures of Ollie. His time stopped march 24, 2012 all too soon. I see his precious face-only in a picture of course-and think how could I not ever hold or kiss him again? Seriously too much. I am thankful for the pictures I do have but I want new ones, I want more. I want to capture every milestone in his life and see him change and grow and learn but I won't have that opportunity. Ever. Never ever on earth.
My mind turns to thinking of Poppy. she is my other child she is here i need to enjoy her. I love her just as much as Ollie.
I know when I die I won't feel so cheated but for this earthly experience I can't help but feel that way. Not fair. I guess life was not meant to be fair but we are promised it's worth it. I sure hope so.
One of Ollie's last pictures :(
He's so stinkin cute and perfect in EVERY way. I love him.