Sunday, September 23, 2012


Ollie loved marbles. He played with them everyday and had all sizes and colors.He would scatter them all over the floor and I loved it. It made both of us laugh out loud. Oh how I miss this.
Since Ollie passed away our family members have been finding marbles from Ollie. Just a couple of amazing stories!! Enjoy

*Just days after Ollie's funeral my mom would be vacuuming and she had vacuumed this spot before and  out popped a marble. This has happened several times.  She continues to find random marbles in places through out her house. This makes her so happy because she knew Ollie had placed these marbles there for her to find when he passed away. He sure loved his Grammy!

*My brother Cody was in Haiti fixing a well so the people would have clean water (this in itself is a miracle), he was working hard and thinking of Ollie and hoping he was being protected by his guardian angel due to being in a rough area. Cody then looked into the well and noticed something and through it out with the dirt, he quickly realized it was a way. he went to dig through the dirt and couldnt find it. He was bummed. He went back to fixing the well and sure enough the blue marble was AMAZING and totally not a coincidence. How random is this?  In Haiti in the middle of the ocean in a far off land to find a marble and a blue one...Ollie and God are real and aware and sending us tender messages.

*Chris and I had just heard about Cody finding a marble and I was hoping for one but knew the chances were slim but I knew anything was possible. Chris the master free diver went out snorkeling alone and while he was out he found several unique shells. He showed them to me and they were beautiful. He saved the best for last...can you guess what he found??? A marble and a blue one at that. No way. I stood there and stared at it. I was in a state of disbelief. I couldn't believe it. What are the chances really? Cody had just found one that morning in Haiti. To find a marble the size of a pea and the color of the ocean in the sand on an island in the middle of a gigantic ocean, Not too likely. Totally from Ollie!!! Thank you baby boy for this special miracle.

Not too sure how all these little marble miracles happen but they do and it gives me hope that Ollie is aware of us and cares that we miss him.

Chris' marble in Maui-notice the marble is the exact color of the ocean
Codys marble in Haiti- I love his dirty hands from working hard on the well