Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bittersweet Halloween

Wish I could dress this little toddler( I love toddlers) up for  
Last year Ollie was a little overwhelmed by all the children screaming when we answered the 
door to give them candy. After a while he loved it, when the door bell rang.  
he would run moving his tiny arms so fast to see who was at the door. 
He opened the door  and grabbed a handful of treats (kit-kat) to give to the children. 
I had to remind him to only give them one so we could eat the leftovers...hehe
 I only had about 20 candy bars to begin with and thought I might run out, but we
 do live on a street not going through (I changed this several times, Im sensative to saying dead-end road, and now I still wrote it. oh well. Now im over it I guess). So when the night was finished we still had 3 left...
so of course  
and I ate them.
Then we snuggled on the couch until he fell asleep, in my arms of course. So precious.
Chris or I rocked him to sleep everyday of his life...I am so thankful for those precious moments with him. He would have loved it even more this year. Miss him so much I will
try to just think of 
Poppy as Raggedy Ann. It makes me smile and laugh.
She sure is to come.