Friday, November 2, 2012

Poppy/Raggedy Ann

I loved my little Raggedy Ann.
It was quite hard to get a good picture of her all by myself...crappy pictures but cute doll

She never took her wig off. I think she already likes to be dressed up.

Little peanut- thanks mom for the outfit

I was feeling sorry for myself all day. 
Chris was at work and I had no fun plans and nowhere to be, it was raining and cold, 
and Ollie wasnt here. 
 sad. sad. sad.
I decided to get out of my funk because I did have one child at least so I dressed my little Pop-star up. As you can see she is so adorable in her red wig- purchased unopened and new from 
So I got her all dress and my sweet neighbors Tiffany and Aubrey rang the door bell. I wasn't going to answer because I didn't buy any candy, (scrooge I know) but I answered anyway. They invited Poppy and I to go trick-or-treating. I got my flashlight and headed out the door. It was sprinkling a little and was very refreshing. 
All the old people 
LOVED Raggedy Ann 
and I think it made their evening because we were about the 10th people to knock. Im glad we got out...and I ate every piece of candy along the way...sugar rush. yum!
Thanks POPPY for getting mom.out.of.her.funk.  
love love love