Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting dressed

It is starting to get cold around here and when Ollie passed away it was cold, so I still have all of his winter clothes out. Of course he probably would be so big by now 7 months later and wouldn't fit into the shoes or jackets but I really miss getting Ollie dressed when I see his clothes and they are just the way we left them that horrible morning. I loved seeing him want to go outside, he would run to grab his BLUE winter boots, his hat and his BLUE rain jacket. He LOVED being outside. I couldn't wait for summer so he could run bare foot and feel the grass between his toes and enjoy our big backyard which we got for him.

I also lit the fire for the first time since OLLIE has been gone and I thought of him (of course he's never left my mind) how he would hand me pieces of wood and paper to throw in. He would crumble up the paper and wait for me to grab it. He was so patient and smart. He knew it was hot and never was I concerned with him burning himself. Such a big helper!!

I miss putting OLLIES underwear on his tiny big boy bum.