Monday, October 1, 2012

Nursery Class

I went to church yesterday, as I walked in I was thinking of Ollie and wondering what he was doing at that exact moment in time...So I went straight into the classroom where OLLIE would be if he were there with me. The Nursery Class. As I walked in I saw a chaotic mess of toys and children running all over and I LOVED IT. To hear their tiny voices just melted my heart. All the children OLLIES same age looked so much older and wiser. They really were taller and Im sure they have learned so many new things in 6 months. One boy in particular has a soft place with me, his name is Jace. He is one day younger than Ollie.  Its been 6 long but short months since I last touched Ollie and I wanted so badly to see him grow so I guess the next best thing is his little buddy, Jace. Every time I see Jace I have to touch his tiny hands and see the dirt in his tiny boy fingernails and rub my fingers through his soft thin hair and look at his precious mouth inspecting every part of his tiny face.  This time I talked to Jace like I always did and asked him all sorts of questions and not expecting him to ever reply...but he actually talked back and I was so saddened to wonder what OLLIE KAI HEBB would be telling his mom, but so happy to hear his precious and most tender voice say "hello, animal crackers, and yes I talk". I started to cry and my heart ached so intensely that I decided to leave the class. I waved at all the children and they all waved with their tiny, fat akward hands and said "bye-bye".

Here is one of Ollie's last pictures from Nursery.  Always in deep thought. His precious nose and his tiny lips..Oh I want to kiss those so much my heart aches.