Thursday, October 4, 2012

To Bless the Lives of Others!

Been thinking a lot lately what this earthly experience is all about??? Death and birth bring a new perspective and focus. I truly believe this life is to help and encourage others so we can return to Heavenly Father where we will all be reunited.

"Your call has eternal consequences for others and for you. In the world to come, thousands may call your name blessed, even more than the people you serve here. They will be the ancestors and the descendants of those who chose eternal life because of something you said or did, or even what you were...You see, there are no small callings to represent the Lord.
Your voice to testify becomes the same as His voice, your hands to lift the same as His hands. His work is to bless His Father's spirit children with the opportunity to choose eternal life. So, your calling is to bless lives"
Henry B, Eyring, Rise to Your Call