Friday, November 23, 2012

Missing you

My sweet son Ollie,

Your sister Poppy is getting so big, and is now 7 months old.
 I wish I could see you interact with her, I know you can see her though. 
I think sometimes you come and play with her, you even make her giggle.. 
Thank You sweet Angel!
She loves going outside just like you and she felt the 
on her face today during a crazy down-pour. 
It was cold but fun! 
Poppy is such a great eater just like you. She loves everything we feed her even ice cream form grandpa and veggies and fruit of course.  She cries sometimes and I wish you were here to make her smile and do your silly arm dance. I miss your arm dance. I watched it last night and I cried. I heard your precious voice (only in the video of course) I was so sad.  Poppy wears a lot of pink and girly colors, its not your boy clothes.
I miss your clothes. They were simple.
Your sweet daddy loves you so much and misses picking you up in his arms and running outside as fast as he can to the tree swing and looking into your beautiful blue eyes while the wind blows your soft blonde hair all while swinging high. What a wonderful memory. Your daddy sure took the time to show you how much he loved being with you every minute of your 2 short years. He always played with you and gave you his undivided attention. Poppy is almost big enough for daddy to throw on the bed and do crazy tricks with.  Your daddy cried so hard today on my shoulder and he was shaking because he misses you so much. We sure missed you yesterday for Thanksgiving. I was so excited to celebrate the coming holidays as a family of four. Your daddy and I feel you very close to us always and know you help us daily, but we still long for you.
Please send us a marble. I hope I find them forever. We love you always and forever.