Monday, November 26, 2012

Good day!

Today has actually been a better day and I can go as far as saying its been a good one. I dont have too many positive days so i thought i better write on a happy day. The sun was shinning, Chris was home, poppy was adorable as always, we made plans for our winter and summer garden and i accepted the fact we will stay in Oregon until God leads us somewhere else and I was positive about Ollie's earthly death, only for a moment of course.

Positive in knowing everything will be ok.

I know we will see him again. I know this for sure. I feel Ollie surrounding me with his love everyday, all day. I used to believe in coincidences and now I believe in fate and destiny. There have been too many tender mercies from Ollie to deny fate. Ollie is aware of us still. Chris and I decided again out loud that we are going to


We want to see and experience the beauty this life has to offer.
Some mottos we have always lived by and live by even more so now.

*Life is too precious and short.
*Seize the moment
*Live everyday like its your last day
*Everyday is a special day
*PRAY Always

Hope everyone is living like its your last day here upon the earth. Really intense if you stop and contemplate this statement.