Sunday, November 11, 2012

Police Records

Yesterday I decided to be super courageous and drive down to the police station to 
obtain my stupid records. I walked through the door with Poppy and a friend 
because it was too much to handle alone, I asked the guy behind the window if I could 
get my police report...he said "what kind of incident was it"?
All I said is
"A death"
then I froze. 
did that really just come out of my mouth? 
was I really in a police station
picking up my son Ollie Kai Hebb's police report because he died...yuck and sad. 
yes this really did happen. 
my mind has such a hard time accepting this.  i hate the reality of Ollie not being here.
but I can and WILL go on.. I must. I know I will see him again and he is mine forever.
He is preparing Heaven for my family and is a VIP up there.
love love love you Ollie-pop

ps i did pay for the report which should just be given to me for free anyway, but I paid 
a measly $10 and of course i have to go there again and pick it up . the system is so ridiculous.

and im not planning on reading the report but I might peek at things here and there, 
 i want these records, they tell details of my sons last moments in his home....

this picture makes me smile..wanted to leave you all with a smile!

1 week before he went to heaven. makes me happy to see his grin