Thursday, December 13, 2012


Last week Chris and I went to a "Grief Share" class for the first time. We have had several appointments with grief counselors at clinics and for some reason werent able to make any of them. Now 8 months later we finally are able to go and share our story. It was so uplifting and encouraging to hear other families stories of how they lost a loved one, and realize we are.not.alone. 

There are way too many people who have lost children, but this does bring us some hope.

We were all told to introduce ourselves and share how and who we lost.
The first lady to share said "Hi my daughter was murdered," oh*my*goodness. We hear of these storeis all the time but I have personally never met someone. This lady had such strength and faith in her voice. She came up to Chris and I and introduced herslef again and said she was so sorry we too lost a child

Seriously things like this happen? We hear about it only in the news, but to actually talk to someone who had this happen to their most precious daughter....I can not imagine. It just made me think,
someone, somewhere has it worse.

I will be going to the class again tomorrow!
I would recommend to anyone who has lost a loved one to attend or find some support group. 
Grief is hard. 
Grief is real.
Grief is a process and its nice to have others support you!

"Grief-Share" is a Christian based class-The only way to get through this