Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yucky Feelings

Something really morbid I need to write becasue it won't go away.....

every time i think of sweet Ollies body in the ground i want to dig it up. i just want to hold his body one more time. i want to kiss him. i want to squeeze him. i want o hear his tiny voice. i just want OLLIE. i cant have him. not in this life. not ever. only when i die too will i hold him again. i want to kiss every part of his precious body, again. even if its cold. it's his body. i miss him. i want him. i dont know where he is, but i do know where his body is and its in the ground. cold. his physical body is here not his spirit, he has gone on to be with GOD. wow what a wonderful thing. i know heaven is far beautiful and glorious than we can imagine. i hope Ollie is enjoying the beauty and has many friends.
love you little guy.