Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday I decided to call the tissue donor office in Portland. 

After several wrong numbers
and explaining and listening to myself as I told several people "I am trying to find out if my sons tissues have been used" (thinking to myself, my sweet most precious Ollie Kai Hebb, he died and is not longer here so I am calling a place to see if his parts can help another person. yuck.)

I instantly got a pit in my stomach.

I finally talked to a guy who could help me.

He said he has GREAT NEWS!!!

I got so excited and got the chills as I listened. 

He said the two heart valves had been transplanted. Yippee. One to a small infant in Oregon and one to a toddler in California......Yippee. this made me feel so happy, but so sad. This meant my son died.  Right? 
Since he did die, I am so thankful another child may live. 
The best gift......


**the guy said I may be able to get in contact with the families if they choose to. I can also write a letter. this would be cool.