Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Panic/Anxiety Relief

A friend of mine gave these to Chris and I the day Ollie passed away. I have never experienced anxiety. But after losing Ollie the anxiety, shock, broken heart, and panic of being in my house and walking passed the laundry room was too much. I was sinking in grief and sorrow. 
These helped me to get above that sorrow, along with much prayer and fasting. I wanted to share some natural products that helped my panic and anxiety

They are homeopathic.  

They did wonders for us. 
They took away the "heavy breathing" or the "lack of breathing" and the "catching your breathe and feeling like your lungs will stop working" feeling, due to shock. They calmed my anxiety. 

You take 3-4 tablets under the tongue starting with  

Let them dissolve. Then 

Followed by 
They work instantly and safe for pregnant women. 

We also took tinctures for our anxiety when I was delivery Poppy. I thought I would die from a broken heart. The tinctures helped to handle it.
 You can get these at some health food stores. You might have to call around. I had to.
Amazing stuff for anxiety and a heavy heart. It takes the edge off. I suggest mixing all 4 in a small cup (30 drops of each, it says on the label) with equal parts water.

***To any of my grieving friends, if you have questions please ask me. Anyone suffering from anxiety, these would help you too.

This is also from the health food store. It helps when you cant calm down.  
It works instantly. Its safe for children too.

*Disclaimer. I am not a doctor and don't intend to be. Just giving advise to what has helped us with anxiety and our broken hearts.
These products are all natural, but may affect everyone differently. Be cautious.