Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You can die of a broken-heart...... 

I do not want to die from a broken-heart or from the side effects of a broken-heart...I dont think any of you reading this do either. 

I worry about our grieving (or not grieving) husbands.

 I know my husband only reads my blog when I remind him and he isn't actively meeting others to give him support like I have through the blogging world. My husband Chris, does not really have an outlet for his grief. He works and that's his main focus right now. He has to hold it together.
I found some great sites with ideas we can do for our husbands, (whether they are a grieving spouse or not) husbands need our love and support. They work so hard for us.

 5 ways of showing LOVE that has worked in our marriage:

1-Take time to acknowledge the small things your spouse does for you. They may be small, but its the small things in life that really add up in the end.

2-Laugh more-be silly and make jokes, this really helps us. Chris is so funny and makes me laugh out loud daily and I need this, we need this.
3-Cherrish every living moment together, one day you will be gone.

4-When your with your spouse don't be on your cell phone. Give your attention to each other.

5-Say ((I LOVE YOU)) more and ((HUG)) more. Your energies really bond together. I feel it every time I hug Chris for a long period of time and it heals my heart just a little.

My cute Christopher. Oh how I love him!
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