Thursday, March 14, 2013


My sweet friend Rachel who made the Ollie ties from Trendy Ties, was putting her boys to bed last night and one of them had to sit in time-out in his chair. Bo always sits in that chair and Rachel vacuums it regularly. Rachel shut his door and went downstairs to put a load of laundry in. While putting the clothes in the washer, she thought of Ollie and had a sad feeling.  She then went back to let Bo out of his room and right away he walked up to her, opened up his chubby hand and gave her a marble. She doesnt have marbles in her house and had never seen one lying around. Her boys had played marbles at their grandmas many months ago and maybe put it in one of their pockets. However it got there, is was not a coincidence that her son handed it to her on a day she had spent so much time dedicated to little Ollie.

Wow! Amazing! 

This gave me chills when she told me. I knew it was from Ollie and he is aware of the kind things she is doing for his family. It is so neat that Ollie didnt only effect my life. Yes hes my son but so many others have been greatly effected in wonderful ways. I love hearing how Ollies death has changed a person for the better. It makes it feel like he didnt die in vain.