Friday, April 5, 2013

Ollie Poem

My cousin Julie wrote this, I love it!


This morning, it was the feather
of a flown-away bird,
no doubt gone off to
sing in someone else's tree-
   yet he left for me a reminder
of his song.
       It was Ollie Blue.

During my walk, it was the ocean
roaring on the coast;
the tide venturing in to
explore the shore
and splash against the rocks
in a brilliant mess
before quietly slipping away.
      It was Ollie Blue.

This afternoon, it was a patch of sky
peeping through the rain-
I was not looking up
but the puddle into which
I threw my pebbles,
for the perfect moment, stilled
to reflect the heaven.
      It was Ollie Blue.

Tonight, though, is dark.
The stars and moon give light
but I do not see.
Huddled in my blanket,
I wait on the porch for a sign
  and then
I feel around and find,
tucked in the corner of my soul,
a tiny bit of warmth.
      It is Ollie Blue.