Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just some memories of Ollie

These are some pictures of when we first moved to Oregon. It was pretty rainy most days, but Ollie and I went on bike rides anyway. I would pull him in our bike trailer. We did stay home most days and just play together. I will forever cherish these precious moments with my sweet Ollie. I cant wait to hold and kiss him forever.

*16 Months*
Our house is usually cold, so this was normal to wear a winter hat.

Oh those eyes...miss that sweet face. Looks like Poppy. He was so independent.

He loved being outside. He was watching the rain drip off the house.

Such a sweet tempered little guy. Miss his presence in my life.
We couldnt wait for summer in Oregon, we were so excited to play in our backyard.

My little nature lover!

Seaside, Oregon. It was soooo cold, but he loved playing in the sand.

On our routine bike ride. Even in the rain. Hes eating his raisins and pretzels.

He loved the kitties. He would drag them by their tale, they didnt mind.

Sweet and gentle  Ollie Kai.