Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just when you think you can't go on..

Another mother who has lost a child to a drowning accident suggested I read this woman's blog to help find some comfort. She said it helped her tremendously. I am sharing this to help inspire and lift another mother or person who is down in the dumps.

This morning as I sat in bed and read her more than beautiful post, I thought of all our tender mercies shown to us. It was so helpful to lean on her testimony and her solid faith until I can get strength to find my own. 

Read about her "Tender Mercies" 
 I don't think she will mind me sharing because her blog is public...Thank you Tiffany-Yes we 
share the same name-and our little boys have the most beautiful blue eyes.

**It has inspired me to share all of our "tender mercies." 
(these are special circumstances that are not a coincidence 
and a way we know God is there, in control and aware of each and every one of us.)

***I find it interesting how the last few days have been full of crying and
 somberly pouting around my house. 
Then today I feel some strength, not much but a little. 
Oh the fun roller coaster of grief. It makes me dizzy sometimes, 
the fluctuation of emotions is so tiring and exhausting.