Monday, May 20, 2013

Leg Warmers

Hello friends,

When we were at the hospital with Ollie sharing his last tender moments on earth, he could not wear any clothing due to an enormous amount of tubes and wires connected to his precious little body. They also had to keep his feet uncovered so they could test his heart rate and prick his foot at any given moment. The hospital did provide a nice handmade blanket and a stuffed animal, but we wanted something more to keep him warm while he lay on that big bed all alone fighting for his life.

So, in honor of our sweet Ollie Kai Hebb,  we will be making leg warmers (to add an extra measure of warmth) for the children at the Doernbecher Hospital, we will be donating them on June 21st (Ollies Birthday). We would love any help you can provide. Thank you .

Please have all items to me by  
June 17th, 2014 (ASAP if not sewing them)

Ship to:

1984 north 320 west
Orem, UT 84057

Ways you can help:
*Donating a pair of knee-high socks (new), I would be happy to sew them.
*Buying a pair of knee-high socks (new) and sewing them yourself. I saw them at Target for $2.50 and at Dollar Tree and All A Dollar.
*Knitting or crocheting a pair of leg warmers-these work best because they stretch.
*Sharing this on your blog or Facebook page.

Things to Know
*Sizes needed Infant-teen
*Any color is fine-bright colors preferred
*Material should be free from smoke and pet hair

Patterns-or find your own, any pattern will work

Email me with any questions:
Thank you for all your love and help!