Saturday, July 27, 2013

How can it be?

How can it be,
One minute Ollie was here, the next we were burying him forever? 
How can a child be here alive and well, then the next minute they drowned and stop breathing, the life is gone from them and their body dies? Never to be spoken to again-until heaven. 

Chris and I actually always say our prayers and mention Ollie. I know he can hear us, he just can't talk back-I guess he sends those tender mercies instead of words. 

My simple mind just does not understand the complexity of death. I have all of Ollie's earthly possessions, they are just things, but to a momma who can't hold her son, they are everything. 

I look at his underwear quite frequently. I sniff them, I hold them, I kiss them. I imagine my little 2 year old running to the potty, ever so quickly, while pulling down his underwear and saying, "aw-oh"

I just don't understand, and I never will until I'm dead too. 

**what keeps our spirit inside our body? Is it the breath? Once breath is gone, we die and our spirit leaves that instant? 
Really complex matters.