Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 1

Day 1 OHSU Labor and Delivery

I am now admitted to OHSU Hospital and will be updating friends and family on the condition of myself and baby Hebb. I hope to write daily-since I don't have much else to do in this bed.

After a week of strict bed rest and tons of anxiety, since my amniotic fluid is still leaking, I decided it was time to make our way to further help and see if some different doctors and hospitals can help me and baby. We needed people who were willing to fight for us like we were fighting. 

Chris and I drove to OHSU hospital-the one where Ollie fought for his life, and I was admitted right then. I felt good about this and was anxious to see if they could help my baby. After much research on my part, I decided OHSU would be the best hospital for us. We were met by a neonatal specialist-the ones who whisk the baby away after birth to help try and save it. He told us all the good and the bad, the risks, the chance of survival, and wanted us to be well informed. Whoa. So much to think about. We were scared-and still are. So many life or death decisions. We have turned it over to God. 

The nurse got me started on a steroid shot in the butt to help give a kick start to the little peanuts lungs. I also continued antibiotics through an IV and got my blood drawn-after 7 pokes later. Seriously silly veins. 

Got all settled in my room and then Chris decided to go home. He cried as he left, he kept leaving and coming back in to give me a kiss. So tender. He was worried about me and I'm sure very anxious about every.sinlge part of this. It's all too much. Losing Ollie was too much to handle just 19 short months ago. How are we suppose to deal with this now? Seriously? God? 

Day 1 down. A lot to go little baby Hebb