Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 2

OHSU Labor and Delivery

-Special people who were in my life today-

I received the best nurse for my first night, she was so kind. She held my hand, she cried with me and even offered hope. She told me she never takes her work home, but this time she would hold a special place for me and my family in her heart. She even asked her husband who is a pastor to put our names on their prayer book. Kind lady who I will always remember and thankful she could so gently take care of me. She touched my soul and I think I touched hers!!

Another sweet woman cried with me tonight too. She was an OB doctor. I see many different doctors everyday. They all rotate-which I like because they all have a different personality and ideas to bring to this situation. This is a teaching School/Hospital so they are up on all current knowledge mixed with doctors if great experience. The more heads, the better. So this sweet OB asked if I had concerns, I told her no. We talked for a while about this baby and babies in general. She told me she had a 21 month old boy. Then of course I told her about mine. She began to cry. She took me by the hand and wrapped both of hands around mine and said she was truly so sorry. She looked at the book I brought with me of Ollie. She cried again. She was speechless. She told me everyone here is rooting for us and will help wherever they can. And she left the room in a somber state. 

And one more neat person I met today, he is the head OB doctor. He came in to pay me a visit and the first thing he said to me was that he was deeply sorry this was happening to me. We talked about some of our hard decisions and I asked him if they were reasonable. He said that was a very hard question and have me his thoughts and suggestions. I listened. I told him I was doing everything as the mother and life supporter of this child, that I thought would oy help her/him. I told him about my certificate in holistic nutrition. He wasn't sure what this was. So I expounded and told him its mind, body and spirit vonnecytion to all things and how nutrition plays a huge part-all things are in harmony with one another. He was very intrigued and said they have just recently added a nutrition program who is working with them to see the benefits of nutrition on a growing baby. He said it's actually the most important thing you can do for your baby-I wanted to say "duh, of course it is". But I didn't. Anyway he loved that I was so persistent on feeding my baby only healthy things that will aid in its development. He was proud of me for doing everything out here that I possibly could do for the baby. He said they want me to be comfortable and are here for me. Nice nice man! 

The overall care here is wonderful! And I am happy to be here fighting for this baby and it's safety. 

**Today was uneventful-which we like. 24 weeks pregnant and still going.  No signs of labor, no cramping, no bleeding, and no signs of an infection. Still leaking fluid which will probably continue until the baby arrives. Just waiting and hoping. Feeling good. Only was able to get 4 hours of sleep, but feeling healthy and strong. 

Thank you all for the love, hope and prayers. 

My sweet Ollie is here with me, fighting this fight and holding us up!