Tuesday, October 15, 2013

**Hospital Scare**

So I think most people know I am pregnant, either by seeing my tummy or hearing about it....well this pregnancy has been a rough one. Yes, I am now 30 years old and my body is a little different than when I had Ollie. I think the biggest stress on my body this pregnancy is the  'grief' stress. It sure does a number. Whoa.

Last week I was admitted into the hospital, due to leaking of what my midwife and I both thought was amniotic fluid. She did a quick swob and the test came back positive, so they quickly took me over to the hospital-not a place I like or wanted to be. So many horrific memories hit me in the face the second I walked through the doors-this was a different hospital than where Ollie tried to hang on to his precious life, but still a hospital none the less.

After 8 hours, many tests, blood work, two different ultrasounds, and many doctors trying to prove that my amniotic fluid was leaking-oh and them telling me if I was leaking amniotic fluid, I would then be induced and have the baby and it would not survive. After hearing this I wanted to die. Another one of my precious children-gone. I was thinking that i might only have one living child because I am not suppose to be pregnant and never wanted to be again-this view point has since changed. I couldn't handle this. My anxiety level rose, I became instantly week and wanted to cry. I was scared. My entire body was shaking uncontrollably, but I was trying to hold it together and act like nothing was happening. I was praying again in the hospital bathroom, pleading for my Heavenly Father to not take another one. I was trying to accept what might happen. So we waited, and waited some more, very impatiently for the results.

Finally, at 11:00pm the doctors came in and basically told me they have no idea what this fluid stuff is and can not prove it to be amniotic fluid. They really had no answers. They just said come back if it keeps happening, things change drastically and to take me temp if I notice I feel weak.

So I put myself on light duty. I am trying to be patient with doing less. Its hard. But its worth it if I can have a healthy baby. Here is cute baby Hebb #3.
And no, we arent finding out the sex. Its was more exciting!!!
Look at that cute nose, looks just like Ollie and Pops!

So now we wait, pray, trust and hope!

**Thank you my sweet and loving family and friends for your prayers. We feel them, as always! **