Saturday, November 9, 2013

My goodness

25 weeks preagnant

Things change quickly around here...I share these details in hopes that I can help someone else going through this in the future......

I felt fine all day and had a wonderful night at my sleepover with Chris. We had special room service breakfast brought to us. Ha. A very expensive crappy hotel room. Something like $2,300 a night. 

The baby had a few cord compressions, so they moved me downstairs. Baby looked fine, so they moved me back up. 

I had a special surprise visit today-my sweet encouraging friend, Emily.
 She has been there for me for over a year and given me so much encouragement, hope and love. And I have never met her until tonight! She is 18 years old and dedicating her life to God, such an amazing person! She drove all the way from Seattle to give me a hug and rub my back!!! Whoa. There are kind people in the world. I sure love her. And she even climbed in my bed with me!!!

Right after she left, I started bleeding bright red blood. It was too much to not be worried. The doctor checked me and was concerned with the amount of blood, so she immediately moved me down stairs to the labor and delivery floor. I get so nervous every time this happens-this is the second time this has happened at the hospital. When you are pregnant fluids are not suppose to come our down there. So it's very unsettling and makes us all worry. 

I am currently hooked up to the fetal monitor and they're watching the baby closely for distress. The baby looks good and The blood test came back normal for a placenta abruption. That little fighters Hebb is making us proud!! We continue to fight with it. 

I'm going to go to sleep now, so hopefully things will be okay throughout the night. 

*26 weeks pregnant-a big milestone. Now onto 28 weeks!!!
*baby appears to not be in distress
*bleeding bright red
*no cramping
*no cervical dilation
The docs are taking great care of me and the babes!

A woman I have never met, who just had heart surgery and is going through some very difficult trials, sent us these beautiful flowers! Thank you! The little squirrel is just perfect! People are wonderful. 

Thank you for all the continued love and prayers.