Monday, April 7, 2014

Judge not...

I have been doing something I know I shouldn't do, reading nasty comments from people-and there were also many compassionate ones too, but the hurtful ones always stick out.
 They were not personally attacking me, but to several other angel momma friends. I just read a few comments and I was 
at how flat-out-rude people are. I really can not believe there are such nasty humans that exist on this earth-actually I can, all the pure ones are taken home.
To hurt another human so badly with your words when they are already going through the most HORRIBLE event of their lives, is just heartbreaking.

.they can hurt deeply.
.they can cut deep into the core of your sole. 
.they are just words.

I know what was said about these other angel momma friends, was probably also said about me. 

I would just like to say a few things regarding these ill comments and  judgement that was so carelessly passed.

guess what?
accidents happen. 
and that is a very sad fact of life.
we are not perfect.
we make many mistakes.
and we also regret things.

What if someone really was neglegent and didnt watch their child for a split second, and they died?
Does it really do any good to tell them how awful they are and kick them while they are down and bleeding already?

I think not.

Why would people do this?

Why wouldn't sympathy be offered?

Where is the compassion?

Where is the LOVE?

I actually feel bad for these judgmental people who will one day be awakened to a harsh judgement from their maker-our God.

Why are we so quick to assume the worst?
Why so quick to judge one another?
(I know there are nasty people that ruin it for all of us and intentionally do horrible things)

How about we show more love?
Forgive more.
Judge less.

***I know all my readers are not these people I am speaking of, but just in case there is that one person reading this....

 After Ollie passed way, many people at my husbands work asked him how he didn't blame me or hate me?

He told them, 
well what good would it do? 
and why would it be good to give up on someone when their going through the hardest thing in their life?
Why desert them when they need you most?

Chris never once blamed me for Ollie's death.
He wonderes how it ever happened and why, but never directed blame towards me.

I actually never have blamed myself. 
but guess what?
 even if it was all my fault, I couldn't physically continue on in this life if I couldn't forgive myself. 
so I have turned it over to God. 
You must do this.

I KNOW I was and am a wonderful mother.

I couldn't find my son for less than a minute and in that minute he had a unimaginable accident that took his life. 
I don't feel I need to say more.
This has been hard for me to accept.....but I do.
God is in control. 
He is the almighty.
The omnipotent.
He is our creator.
and he will one day take our breath and call us home 
and remove us from our fallen state.
To rest from our trails.

Yay can't wait. 
Im tired....

"As mortals, we resist endings. There are no true endings ....only Everlasting Beginnings "
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf


and a giant
 Thank you!!!
for all the love, encouragement and prayers over the last two years