Friday, May 30, 2014


My friend Andrae-the mother of sweet angel Miles, and Ashley-the mother of sweet angel Preslee, both made a post about secondary drownings. I have never heard about this before. Oh my goodness, scary. I felt compelled to also share with you all to bring more awareness to water so we are not afraid, but rather informed and empowered. Knowledge is power! If you ever experience this around water, hopefully you can share this knowledge with others.My sister in law mentioned that she had personally pulled several kids out of pools and I am sure many other people have too.

Read about this ladies experience here. Please share the knowledge you received with everyone. It could save a life.

Just a cute pic of this little man. Over 11lbs by now! His head is shaping perfectly and he's a sweet boy. Nursing exclusively and growing well. Thankful for this little miracle and sunshine in my life sent straight from Ollie!!!