Thursday, May 15, 2014

National Water Safety Month

May is national water safety month<read more here>. Myself, along with three other amazing blogging mommas, have teamed up to bring as much awareness to this subject as possible and empower us all around water. We are all focusing on different water safety areas. I will be focusing on water safety in the home.


After Ollie passed away, I was TERRIFIED of water. I wanted nothing to do with water and all I could think about was him actually drinking the water and drowning. The horror of it all. I am honest. This is still my first thought when I see standing water of any sort, a pool, a bath tub, a river, a bucket, it still physically makes me sick, but by the grace of God I am able still to participate in water activities without much terror. I am way more cautious and aware of the dangers. Of course, everyone always thinks it won't happen to them. I see scenarios all the time while visiting friends homes of water hazards and I immediately have to point them out. I am not an expert, I am just more aware and hope to make others more aware of these everyday dangers so you don't have to have the horror of  saying goodbye to your child. . I always feel obligated to say something. There are actaully many hazards in the home and its amazing any of us are alive today. I don't share this to scare you as a parent, just to bring more attention to it.  
And remember in the end, all we can is our best. I did my very best to keep Ollie safe. We thought our home was safe and he still left this earth in a very tragic way. Our best was our best.

Here is an awesome printable from one of the other blogger moms, Kate Jones-her son nearly drowned, but thankfully lived.We hope you will print this out and share it with everyone you know this summer. We will be handing these out at our h20 run.


>>>Drowning is most common in children ages 1-4.

Don’t Leave Kids Alone in or Around Any Standing Water

  • Never leave your child unattended around any body of water, not even to get a towel or answer the door. NEVER. It is true that children can drown in as little as one inch of water and it can only take a seconds.
  • Don't use your cell phone while child is bathing, forget about all the other things you have to do and give your child all of your attention when they are near or around water.
  • Never let your children help you with laundry even if they love to help you-obviously I am even writing this post because my son drowned while helping me. He innocently thought it was okay to go back in the room and put laundry in by himself. For the sake of Ollie, PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN NEAR THE WASHING MACHINE OR WASHER.***My children aren't even allowed to watch the clothing being washed or dried.

Remove Water Immediately After Use

  • Once bath time is over, immediately drain the tub. Never leave standing water.
  • Empty all tubs, mop buckets, containers and mini pools immediately after use. Store them upside down and out of children’s reach.
  • Always empty sink water after doing dishes and never leave your child on a stool by the sink with water in it.

Close Lids and Doors

  • Keep toilet lids closed after every use and use toilet seat locks to prevent drowning.
  • Keep doors to bathrooms and laundry rooms always closed.
  • Close the washing machine lid immediately after filling with clothes.

>>>Here<<< you can purchase a front loader washing machine lock

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