Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kayelyn Louder

There has been a woman missing in Utah, whom I went to school with, named Kayelyn Louder. It has touched my soul to help find her and do my part. On Monday, I looked up where the search was taking place and attended. I wanted to help post flyers.  I was actually surprised how many businesses and people had not even heard abut her disappearance.  Her story is so saddening and tragic. I cant imagine the families pain at this time. The uncertain, the unknown,  and the lack of closure.

>>>Please help keep your eyes open for her<<<

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Yesterday Chris, I and the kids went on a hike in the mountains behind our house.
 It was beautiful.
The sun was shinning, the sky was Ollie blue, all the leaves were changing from green to a beautiful orange and red, my endorphins were flowing, and I was with my family--well part of them.
I was feeling pretty happy.
I was enjoying that moment in time.

On the hike down my thoughts again turned to Kayelyn and her family. I was thinkning about their excrutiating pain they must be feeling at that same exact moment I was experiencing such joy.
The sadness.
The loss.
the shear PAIN.

It took me back to the moment I found my sweet boy lifeless......that intense pain and terror, 
those feelings instantly flooded over my entire body. 
Not a pleasant feeling. and very undesirable.

How can someone be hurting so badly in a particular moment in time--while someone else is experiencing such joy???
It doesn't seem fair.
Well, It's not.

It baffles my mind to think about this too much. 
I just don't understand it.

But I will say, 
I feel much stronger and healthier than the day I found Ollie. That day obviously changed my entire course of who I am--my soul and heart are forever changed.I hope I can continue to move forward in my healing process.

I pray for Kayelyn's safe return home to her family. It is in Gods hands and He is the only one who knows where she is. Please Pray for her too.