Friday, February 27, 2015


Poppy made up a nick-name for Loxxley and I think its just so cute...Loxxers. 

So he now goes by, 
Little Loxx,
Loxxopher-after Christopher
and baby.

I thought I should update on our miracle little man since he is doing so well.
I know so many of you followed the story during those scary times when we thought he wouldn't survive....and I thank you.
 Well, today he is surviving and thriving!
He is about 20lbs.
He is almost crawling and probably the happiest baby around.
He doesn't stop smiling.
He tries to cry and be mad, then he has to smile--it warms my heart...
Oh, and I almost forgot, he is sleeping through the night!!!
Never thought the day would come.

And yes, you see he's got some nice chompers, nine to be exact.

And yes, he's still the hairless rat!!!