Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Everyday is a special day

Every morning Poppy and I hang out in Ollie's room but we only get to hold and smell his earthly "stuff". some people dont even have "stuff" from their loved ones, at least we have that to help Ollie feel a little more close by.

I have been thinking A LOT lately about all of our possessions and our "stuff". Once we are gone from this earth we don't take ANYTHING. nothing physical. with us not one special toy, our best serving dish, our favorite pink sweatshirt, our special dessert we were saving to eat on a special occasion, our favorite pair of shoes that sparkle in the dark closet cause their too nice to wear, or even our favorite cooking knife we never use because its too special, etc. All we take to the other side is our personality and knowledge...our spirit-this is what makes us who we are!

Another one of my motto's: Use it up,and wear it out.

Make everyday a "SPECIAL DAY". It's a special day because we are all here for a reason still living and still breathing.