Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Friends and Inspiration

Today I sit here and am so shocked and saddened how many other mothers
 there are who have lost a child. 
WOW. Way.too.many.  So sad
This breaks my heart to know so many feel the way I do, but also brings me sooo much 
comfort to see their strength and courage. I really wouldn't be able to breathe and stand today 
if it weren't for other parents and their shinning example of hope. So I thank you. 
It is so inspiring to read other grieving mothers blogs. 
I truly believe we can bear one anothers burdens.
"Bear one anothers burdens that they may be light"
-Mosiah 18:8 Book of Mormon

I have made many new friends through the loss of Ollie and I have been inspired to do many things. I have also been reconnected with several friends whom I lost touch with over the years. 
For this I am thankful.

I do have to say I feel very blessed to have a sweet angel rooting for me 
and helping me from heaven. Bittersweet of course. Im so sad too.