Tuesday, December 4, 2012

detectives in my home

A lady called me on the phone the other day and said she was from the Hillsboro Police Department.

Thats gross in itself.

She, this nice lady, told me we had pictures we could get from the investigation done at our home. 
What kind of pictures...of my washer? of my Ollie? of my home? of me sobbing?

I wanted them because strangers had been in my home taking pictures of who knows what, while I was attending my sons last few moments on earth. 

Our homes are our sanctuaries and very private. I hated the thought that a few men or many I really dont know, were in my home going through my things while I was praying for my sons life. 
 Seriously this made me so a.n.ggg.rrr.yyy. I hated the law and every one who worked for it. 

Oh and just a small side note, the detectives took Chris and I away from Ollies side while they were fratically trying to save his life, and asked us questions about what had happened. Of course they split us up, when all we watned to do was be together and see Ollie. Once again I totally understand due to people being sick and really committing such crimes but what about the other people who are innocent and need to be there for their baby boy while he dies? Such horrible timing on their part.
I did totally understood they needed to investigate to see if this really was an accident or on purpose. Its all too sad that nasty, evil people really do things like this and even worse things, to their precious, innocent children.
I was totally willing to answer questions because I wanted them to know I was and am a loving mother and it was just a horrible, the most horrible accident, of my life.

So the lady couldn't really tell me what was on the CD of pictures, but she did say it might have autopsy pics...yuck. really? that is so horrible and disgusting. At first I thought I might want them, then Chris and I talked and decided why on earth would we want those gruesome pictures of our sweet baby? We already had enough horrible, vivid details of death and dying.

We payed for the pictures but will probably never pick them up.

I know Ollies body wasnt being hurt during the autopsy because I know Jesus Christ took this pain from him and Ollie's spirit had already gone to heaven.