Friday, December 21, 2012


Ollie- my most precious angel

This morning I sat awake thinking of you (as i always do) and reminiscing how much joy you brought to my life. I know your daddy feels the same. I know you have been right by our side and never left us and you have even been carrying us along this rough road. We are not sure how we have made it 8 months without your sweet face, but we have. Thank you my sweet Ollie for not forgetting us when we cry and cry some more because we miss your tender touch. I miss so many things about you. Here are a few I was thinking about.

* I miss the way you would inspect scruffy's (our dog) teeth, you copied everything your daddy did. You would hold his face in between your tiny hands and put your face right up to his and inspect every tooth, you seemed as if you knew what you were looking at. It was sure funny to watch.

* I miss lying in bed and hearing your little feet run down the stairs, then waiting and watching for you to pop your head up next to my bed. I was always so happy to see you. We would then snuggle for about 30 seconds until you pulled my hand to go get breakfast. You are just like me in that way. I have to eat the minute I open my eyes.

* I miss you throwing every.single.ball down the stairs. I loved throwing the balls back up to you, just to see your big grin and hear your tiny giggle when the ball hit your leg. You would even throw the tiny bouncy balls and also the big gigantic blue one. It always made such a mess and we would clean it up before your daddy got home. The house appeared as if we didn't have any fun through-out our day, but we sure did.

* I miss going anywhere and everywhere with you and your cheeks turning rosy red, due to our colder than normal house. I always over-dressed you because we just put more layers on to stay warm in our house, but of course everywhere we went the heat was turned up to an extreme amount. (only to us it was

* I miss that day in Texas I gave you your first mango Popsicle. It was about 100 degrees outside and we were walking in the stroller to walmart while daddy was at work. We were both so hot. I decided to get you a Popsicle. I am sure glad I did. You loved it so much. I knew it would be a mess. I didn't care though. I knew I could just clean you up later. You kept smiling and licking it so quickly. You did pretty good not making a mess. You were always very clean and didn't like messes. It was all over the stroller and on your pants and shirt. We had fun that day. I have a cute picture of you eating the Popsicle and it brings me back to that moment. I wish I could give you more. I would let you eat more sugar and not care so much. I let Poppy try ice-cream sometimes. She sure loves it.

My sweet Ollie, how our life has changed without you. We miss every memory of you. I am so happy I got to be with you for 2 years. I taught you everything I thought I should and I hope you teach others those nice qaulities in heaven. Be more than nice up there. Say hello to aunt Kayli. I sure miss her too. She influenced my life and played a big part in who I am today. Ollie please comfort us and make us strong so we can endure. Hold that piece of my heart until I arrive in heaven. Until then, please carry me.
~your momma forever and ever!

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all
~Alfred Lord Tennyson-1850: