Saturday, December 22, 2012

***Poppy and Santa***

Poppy liked Santa! I think Santa liked her too. He was so gentle with her and held her hand. 
He is the "REAL" Santa, I just know it!

This little love named *Poppy Kai Hebb* is getting us through our days. 
Merry Merry Christmas to all!

Side note:
Seriously no-one will say MERRY CHRISTMAS  back to me. I say it every day all day, to everyone, everywhere.
What is up with this? 
 I do live in Portland, but come on . 
Chris and I are on the "wierder, not so main stream side too".
So does this mean people who are more "out there" and maybe so called "liberationists" dont say MERRY CHRISTMAS??? 
I said Merry Christmas to the worker at Starbucks-no reply, I said it to the man in H&M-just a stare, I said it to the post office worker- happy holidays, I said it to the man in Paper Source- of course he said happy holidays. 
I dont get it. 
Its not a bad thing to say its a nice thing. 
My Jewish friend said she doesnt mind as long as people are nice about it.
Well I believe my son is with Jesus Christ (who's birth we are celebrating this time of year) and I am so grateful the Savior came to earth and suffered the ulitimate sacfrice for all of our short comings so that one day we may all live in peace and happiness with our loved ones again, forever!

I will not forsake my Savior as I know he has never forsaken me. 
It is Him who carries me.  


Dear God,
Why didn't you save the little children in Connecticut?

Concerned Parents
Dear Concerned Parents,
I am not allowed in schools.